Version history

v 1.2.6 30.12.17

  • Grouped Photos. Group media into an album when sharing multiple photos and videos. Choose the exact order of media you send.

v 1.2 10.12.17

  • Radically improved navigation. New side panel on the right with quick access to shared media and group members.
  • Saved Messages. Bookmark messages by forwarding them to “Saved Messages”. Access them from the Chats list or from the side menu.
  • Pinned Messages. If you are a channel admin, pin messages to focus your subscribers’ attention on important announcements.
  • Easily recognize messages from group admins by the new ‘admin’ badge.
  • Also supported clearing history in supergroups and added a host of minor improvements.

v 1.1.20 03.09.17

  • Groups with unread mentions and replies are now marked with an ‘@’ badge in the chats list.
  • Navigate new mentions and replies in a group using the new ‘@’ button.
  • Mark your stickers as “favorite” to quickly access them from the redesigned sticker panel.
  • Add an official sticker set for your group which all members will be able to use while chatting in your group (100+ member groups only).

v 1.1.15 23.07.17

  • Send **bold** and __italic__ text in your messages.
  • Get a share link for posts in public supergroups.
  • Quickly share posts from channels and media messages from bots.
  • Search large supergroup members by name.
  • Search channel members by name for admins.
  • Use search in the service actions log.
  • Ban supergroup members via the right click menu in the service actions log.

v 1.1.9 30.06.17

  • Supergroups can now have up to 10.000 members.
  • Appoint supergroup admins with granular rights. Choose who can add users, manage messages, block members, edit group info & username, add new admins, etc.
  • Restrict and ban supergroup members with granular precision. Read-only bans, GIF & sticker bans, media bans, temporary bans and restrictions.
  • Check the new event log to see all service actions taken by members and admins of a channel or supergroup in the last 48 hours.
  • Toggle night mode in the main menu.

v 1.1 17.05.17

  • Telegram Calls are now available on desktops: secure, crystal-clear, constantly improved by artificial intelligence.
  • The new Emoji, Stickers, and Saved GIFs panel becomes a separate space on the right when Telegram is running in a wide enough window.
  • Manage blocked users list in your supergroups.
  • Chat admins can delete messages by other members.

Alpha version

If you would like to get all updates faster and be the first to test new features, you are welcome to use Telegram Desktop's alpha version instead of the stable one.

The stable version is updated less frequently, but is tested better than the alpha version.

Here are the alpha version links for different platforms:

Windows Setup
Windows Portable
Mac OS X 10.8+ Setup
Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7 Setup
Linux 64 bit
Linux 32 bit

Just install it on top of your current Telegram Desktop and there you go.
Your feedback is welcome on Twitter