Official app for OS X from Telegram team
This software is available under GPL v3 license.
Source code is available on GitHub.

Version history

v 0.7.18 dev 20.02.15

  • Windows: crash on start fixed for some Intel cards.
  • Linux: tray icon returned in Pantheon and Gnome.

v 0.7.17 stable 19.02.15

  • Some minor improvements.
  • Windows: crash on app launch fixed for some Intel graphic cards.

v 0.7.16 stable 17.02.15

  • Some translations improvements.
  • Linux: tray icon should work better in non-Unity environments.

v 0.7.15 dev 16.02.15

  • Some translation keys added.
  • Linux: fixed semibold font.
  • Linux: tray icon should work better in non-Unity environments.

v 0.7.14 dev 12.02.15

  • Moved to Qt 5.4.0 version, please check everything.
  • Time values should be displayed like in your system.
  • Linux: fixed keyboard shortcuts when not english keyboard layout.

v 0.7.13 stable 10.02.15

  • You can now change the chat background.

v 0.7.12 dev 06.02.15

  • Chat background settings translated.
  • Mac OS X and Linux autoupdate for dev-version fixed.

v 0.7.11 dev 05.02.15

  • Chat background can be changed.
  • First dev-channel version.

v 0.7.10 29.01.15

  • Bug fixes and minor improvements.
  • Online updated only while current window is active.

v 0.7.9 23.01.15

  • Added Korean language.
  • Quick «open with» menu on Windows and OSX.

v 0.7.8 19.01.15

  • Some graphics changed.
  • Windows: when activating window by click selection is not cleared.
  • Linux: tray icon and unity launcher counter support improved.

v 0.7.7 16.01.15

  • Windows: system sleep / hibernation fixed when app is running.
  • Mac OS X: crashes on OS X 10.7 and 10.8 fixed.
  • Linux: tray icon support and unity launcher counter for unread messages added in Ubuntu.

v 0.7.6 06.01.15

  • Some improvements for stickers.
  • Some translation improvements.

v 0.7.5 03.01.15

  • Stickers support.
  • Local caching for voice messages.
  • Added Portuguese language.

v 0.7.4 23.12.14

  • German and Dutch languages added.

v 0.7.3 21.12.14

  • Italian and Spanish languages added.

v 0.7.2 16.12.14

  • Title buttons bug fixed in single column layout.

v 0.7.1 16.12.14

  • Linux: font for Korean characters added.
  • Various bugs fixed.

Dev-version of Telegram Desktop

If you would like to get all the updates faster and be first to test new features
you may use dev-version of Telegram Desktop instead of the usual one.

Usual version is updated slower but is more stable than the dev-version.

Here are links to dev-version of Telegram Desktop for different platforms:

Windows Setup
Windows Portable
Mac OS X Setup
Linux 64 bit
Linux 32 bit

Just install it over your current version and here you go.
Your feedback is welcome on Twitter